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And I write to my heart's content.

mind games *
A warm welcome to my writing haven, if you don't know, I'm Louisa, easily recognised as angelicbuttons. I tend to write more short fics, or drabbles, as I simply cannot keep my mind focused on a chapter fic. Which reminds me, I still owe silhouettedwing a lot, but we'll see when I get 'round to completing them, yes?

As an obligation:
[Disclaimer] No, I do not own any of the characters featured in my fics (mainly DBSK members), however, if I state that they are my Own Characters (OCs), don't sue me. Any mention of a place, person, scenario is purely fictional. Even so, while this is full of works of fiction, please bear in mind that these are born from my own hard sweat and headaches.
into the abyss *
And you wonder how a respectable young lady like me ever got into this shady fandom business? Mark my words, fangirling does remarkable things to your mind.

Well, yes, I have been called a perfectionist and a spelling nazi, but I tend to make many mistakes when I transfer my works from hard copy, to soft copy. I would dearly appreciate it if you would kindly point out obvious spelling and/or grammar mistakes that occur from times to time. You see, someone like me does not have any help, because it jinxes my work. Serious, that's what I keep thinking anyway.
lies my heart *
While I mainly deal with the nasty business of the dbsk-fandom, Josh Groban will always be my first love - or at least, the one that marked my foray into the exploring the music industry. While DBSK occupies a huge part of my musical influence, Lin Jun Jie, Super Junior-M, Zhang Li Yin, and many others play a role.

Rest assured, DBSK will probably always be my main fandom, unless I decide to drop out of it, but honestly, the lure of the dark side is simply too hard to deny.

Music, plays a huge role in determining how my fics turn out. (So yes, if I end up listening to emo-songs, chances are - I'll probably write a piece full of angst. But, you never know~)
irrefutable *
DBSK-OT5 is awesome for some fun, of course. Nevertheless, for something that delves a bit deeper into the human psyche, JaeMin rocks my socks. Or in direct translation for Chinese : JaeMin 石头我的- nevermind, I need to recall what the word 'socks' in Chinese looks like.

But I digress, I like anything Min actually. Min-centric is, or was?, my forte. JaeMin, YooMin (Oh, the dirty thoughts), MinSu (though quite rare), HoMin (never quite thought of one), Jaeho (cliche, but still lovable), JaeChun (angst, I believe some subscribe to that.)

Jumping out of the DBSK bandwagon, if I were to look at Gundam Seed/Seed Destiny, KiraLacus (ok, I confess, I like her dresses.), ShinnStellar (ever full of angst, yet sweet like honey.). AsuCaga (The possibilities!)

I ramble on, non-stop, don't I? Forgive me, I shall finally move on to credits, last words.
forever in mind *
Well, yes, before I went out of point, what I meant to say was - all comments are loved, and I'll do my best to reply to them. Do ask questions, I've been known to seriously confuse my friends with my random paragraphs. I occasionally need to question myself, but I'm sure I'll figure something out.

Anyways, more credits below!

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