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25 November 2008 @ 01:26 pm
01 November 2008 @ 03:17 pm
[Title] You and I
[length] one-shot
[pairing] JaeSu; YooSu; Jae-centric
[rating] G
[summary] They were close, they loved, he hated, he lost it all
[a/n] This is for Thea - purplehaze_33 / violetgurl33 
Angst isn't a very smart thing, but I hope you like it (:
// So uh, this was based on what I remembered what JaeSu being close before debut, but YooSu being closer after debut. Yadda, probably not very accurate but ^^

Italics refer to either Junsu, or YooSu yupp

you and I - will never make itCollapse )</lj></lj>
08 October 2008 @ 09:46 pm
[title] Series of Regrets
[length] oneshot
[pairing] jaemin; jaeho; minho; min-centric
[rating] g
[summary] he broke them up - just for one blind star
[an] Instead of checking through my geog paper a couple of days ago during the exam period, I wrote the starting of this in the last ten minutes. SO YEAH, we know why if I fail geog, and if this sounds like a lump of depressing crap that makes no sense. I realise that I used a lot of symbolism, bottle of stars etc. :D So poke me if you don't get it, and I'll see if I can pull together something that makes sense :D

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27 September 2008 @ 04:37 pm

[title] Loving you, it’s crazy
[length] oneshot
[pairing] jaemin
[rating] g
[summary] you hold back for so long, you just hurt him with each breath you take
[a/n] D< I credit Epik High’s Girl from their album – Pieces, Part One, for instigating the writing of this. My English language exam is over, and I really ought not be writing now, but rather, study for mathematics. But I guess life is a matter of choice, some things (like this) just bugs you for so long that you can’t forget, that you can’t shake it off. I wasn’t going for angst, really! But Girl is… kind of angst-y, I provided a link – so listen! No idea what the lyrics mean though, I haven’t gone to look it up, I only followed the feelings ‘inspired’ by this, I guess.

Don’t kill me if it sucks, I acknowledge that my writing skills have seriously deteriorated to the point of (possibly) no return.

For Thea, and Kerri (:
I know it's emo, ack.

it's crazy trying to leave youCollapse )

19 September 2008 @ 06:26 pm

[title] slams
[length] one-shot
[rating] g
[pairing] jaemin
[summary] when changmin fails.
[a/n] written right after I took my own CME test, I would like to establish that my words in no way Changmin's views in real life, so spare me.

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19 September 2008 @ 04:11 pm
[title] empty air
[length] one-shot
[rating] g
[pairing] yoomin (yes, wow.); min-thought
[summary] i fought so hard for you, but i want you no longer
[a/n] for dbsk_songfic 's song challenge 11:
Such a mystery when he's here with me
It's hard to believe I'm still lonely
Chances fading now, patience running out
This ain't how it's supposed to be.

Past the deadline, so this shall sit here unless I get permission from the mod to post it there instead (:
no capital words, no fullstops, be warned.

I specially used semi-colons, commas and one full-stop to signify that there's a continuation until the very end, where it finally ends. It comes across as broken, hardly linked perhaps, small flashes of thought of Changmin until he finally concludes what appears to be a rather D:-relationship
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13 September 2008 @ 11:59 am
[title] glass shell
[length] drabble
[rating] g
[pairing] (no intended pairing, but min-centric)
[summary] front page : fifty-four girls commit mass suicide
[a/n] For an awfully long prompt, I have an awfully short drabble. I don't know, muse died on me halfway.
prompt: “Do you think this is a game? That fifty four school girls committing mass suicide is funny?”

Someone kill me, I really must start writing after my exams.

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27 August 2008 @ 11:08 pm
[title] Heaven's Call
[length] one-shot
[rating] g
[pairing] yoosu
[summary] player, singer, they were one
[a/n] for dbsk_songfic 's song challenge 10: So Close; Jon McLaughlin
It is really, really short, and makes no sense (:

You're in my arms
And all the world is gone
The music playing on for only two
So close together

voice of an angel, heed his call

voice of an angel, heed his callCollapse )
26 August 2008 @ 10:29 pm

[title] doll tears
[length] one-shot
[rating] g
[pairing] jaesu
[summary] was he not a doll?
[a/n] because silhouettedwing   was bugging me to write a doll!fic, this random thing came out of no where. Admittedly, the start of from a ghost!fic that I abandoned a couple of days ago. (: Plot-less, really, if it makes sense, please share! I'm really clueless as to why this was ever writen/

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18 August 2008 @ 07:22 pm
[Title] Of Near Misses
[Pairing] JaeChun
[Genre] General, I guess.
[Rating] G
[Length] one-shot
[Summary] Dreams are always of near misses, of what could be, but isn't "be"
[A/N] I confess, this probably isn't my best ever, eh, I wrote in my E. Math period! In any case, concrit is welcome. Posted in dbsk_songfic 

And I'll close my eyes

and I'll close my eyesCollapse )